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Housing Referrals

Our ministry is dedicated to supporting individuals and their families during their transition back into society, particularly focusing on the unique challenges faced by sex offenders. We offer specialized housing referral services designed to address the specific needs of this group. Our services include maintaining a comprehensive list of current housing providers who are equipped and willing to accommodate sex offenders and their families. In areas where no known providers are available, our committed team actively engages in locating suitable housing options, working diligently to ensure that every individual and family in need can find a stable living environment. Our goal is to facilitate reintegration and support the well-being of all community members through this essential service.


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Advocacy Partners
Check out the links below to see who is working hard to bring about positive policy changes for the registrant community.

  • narsol logo pic.png

    NARSOL opposes dehumanizing registries by working to eliminate the laws, policies, and practices that propagate them.

  • acsol logo.png

    The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) is dedicated to protecting the Constitution by restoring the civil rights of people listed on the public registries and their families.  In order to achieve that objective, ACSOL will educate and litigate as well as support or oppose legislation.

  • war logo.png

    The vision of this organization is to abolish the multiple Registries across this nation. Women Against Registry also seeks to restore Life, Health and Freedom to all individuals who have been injured by the requirements of registration, especially innocent family members. We foresee a day when the suffocating stigma surrounding registration will be removed in favor of proper sentencing coupled with appropriate treatment; a day when the indefinite detention of civil commitment is replaced with compassionate programs designed to heal and restore. We hope for a day when virtually all who have offended against the laws of the land will be given the opportunity to rebuild a decent, honest life with the prospect of rehabilitation, reintegration, and redemption.