We exist to help others reclaim their identity in Christ, find renewed hope, work to restore relationships, and safely rebuild communities.



Our vision is to reach those impacted by incarceration, fostering transformation and healing through Prison outreach, providing comprehensive Reentry assistance, and offering steadfast Ongoing support. Embracing every individual's inherent worth and dignity, we strive to be a beacon of hope, empowering lives to find redemption, purpose, and a renewed sense of belonging in our communities.

Our Mission

To Reclaim, Renew, Restore, and Rebuild.

By teaching and applying the word of God, we reclaim our identity in Christ, recognizing that we are all chosen and loved by Him, with a purpose, free from bondage, never alone, being a new creation, wonderfully made, and acknowledged as children of God, the one true King.

The gospel of Jesus renews hope in all people, as God gave His only son to die on the cross, granting us the gift of eternal life (John 3:16). Scripture assures us that we can find hope in the fact that we are destined to do even greater things than Christ when we ask in His name (John 14:12-14).

To restore relationships, we prioritize cultivating a supportive community and encouraging wise counsel. This reflects the biblical model that Jesus established with His disciples, fostering a community of believers who learn from one another, provide mutual encouragement, pray for each other, and lovingly address life's challenges. Additionally, we offer resources and sponsorship to support counseling and therapy for individuals and couples in need.

As part of rebuilding communities, we extend a helping hand to those who have been incarcerated, assisting them in becoming active and productive members of society within legal limitations. Moreover, we aim to educate the community about the impact of the registry on registrants, families, and society as a whole.